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Are you a top-tier talent? Jared’s story may be an eye-opener.

Jared was talented.

He was ambitious. He out-did others.

He poured his heart and soul into every job he did.

Like when he worked retail at OfficeSpark, he didn’t just stock shelves, he created more efficient systems that made things smoother. And when he worked at Kvorsky’s warehouse, he came up with creative new ways of packing the trucks faster.

His bosses didn’t give a f***. He wasn’t promoted, or rewarded or even thanked,  for his contributions.

In fact, at the warehouse, his boss became more & more demanding. Even though Jared made the whole place run smoother, Dean was condescending and disrespectful.

Sure, they were dead-end jobs, but that’s not the point.

Jared slumped down. It felt like his only options were a) work for unappreciative bosses and go nowhere, or b) freelance on his own for bland, uninspired clients who just want him to direct talking-head commercials.

The point is that they didn’t show appreciation in any way. Jared was clearly talented, clearly out-performing everyone else at the company, for nothing.

So he quit. He left those jobs in the dust. He wanted to direct movies anyway.

But guess what happened next?

Jared ended up making boring movies for boring clients as a bored freelancer.

Yes, he managed to make ends meet out on his own, directing and editing films, but he was attracting bland clients.

None of them matched his ambition. No one wanted to make stuff that mattered.

Neither option was very enticing.

Jared needed to collaborate with someone who cared. Someone bold enough to take risks and push creative limits. He needed someone who’d believe in him.

Evan Carmichael popped into his mind, since he’s the #Believe man himself. 

But Evan had never talked about hiring film-makers. And he seemed to focus on tons of ‘talking head’ videos on his YouTube channel.

Surely working with Evan wasn’t an option.

So Jared put it out of his mind.

Maybe he’d never find a great home for his talent.

Maybe no one would ever appreciate what he offered.

But this was the wrong way to think.

Jared knew in his heart working at Evan Carmichael Inc. would be amazing. He just knew it.

He could tell Evan deeply appreciated and valued people.

He could tell Evan wanted his team to grow and succeed.

He could tell Evan had a huge hungry audience.

Jared knew he’d be doing something that mattered and making an impact if he worked there.

He knew all this stuff, but didn’t even reach out. Instead, he dismissed Evan as an option and went back to his dull client-base.

His dream job was waiting for him, but he gave up on it.

If you’re talented, be confident with it. If you’re talented, be creative with it.

Know in your gut that you can help and bring value and elevate a brand like Evan, and pitch something.

Don’t shy away from great people, move towards them.

One of Evan’s most common phrases is “I’m open to it.” Another one is “Sure, let’s experiment!”

There’s a massive chance he’d be open to what Jared has to offer.

Maybe Evan’s been dying to get away from talking heads and get into truly emotional film-making. Maybe Evan wishes he had someone who’d brainstorm creative new film ideas.

In fact, those things are extremely likely.

Working with talented, creative people is an in-demand thing for brands.

A true leader values talent, and is eager for it and open to it and welcomes it.

But they don’t have a giant radar. They can’t magically spot talent in the wild.

It’s up to talented people to raise their hands and be noticed.

If Jared doesn’t even get on Evan’s radar, he’ll miss out on an amazing job, and Evan will miss out on a truly talented person, and the whole world suffers.

Together they could’ve created the next big thing, built a legacy together, instead they both just chug along doing the same old, same old.

It’s just not right.

But there’s an easy solution, right?

Just raise your hand… right here, right now.

Click the button below and show off your talent, your portfolio, your ideas, your creativity.

It may earn you a great portfolio piece for a big-name client, or it may even lead to your dream career.

And even if you and Evan aren’t a perfect fit at the moment, you’ll likely get some extra advice, direction, entrepreneurial tips, plus you’ll be on the radar for any opportunities down the road.

Plus, you’ll have the experience and confidence to raise your hand more easily more often.

You deserve brilliant collabs, better leaders, & brighter futures.

It’s up to you.