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This is a sexy book packed with Soaring Beliefs, so you can elevate yourself on shit that matters. It helps transform your projects, your empire, your life… faster than you would imagine. The wisdom inside this book is what I used to help guys rebuild their entire brand in a month. It’s made chicks look decades younger in weeks. And it’s being served up to you in just 26 pages of clear, simple, fun-to-read language and beautiful photos. Average books will get you average results…


You —and your coffee table— deserve more.

Instead of wasting money on new gadget that you don’t use, or another boring book that collects dust on your shelf after only the second chapter… get the book that you want to keep out and within reach, so you can read it again & again.

This book, even if you read only a page or two, is potent. It’s distilled empowering beliefs. It’ll make you a permanently more valuable person, inside & out.

I made this book so it’s easier and more enjoyable to become a better you.

Actually, I didn’t really even make this book. A loving fan, Cynthia Moreno-Torok, decided to immortalize my Instagram-content in print, ’cause she believes the world needs it, and here we are.

Now, you can get yourself a permanent reminder of how to live & believe better.

Plus, it’s easy on the eyes.

Elevating yourself doesn’t have to be boring, or a chore. It can be beautiful and enticing.

We added a splash of beauty, sex, & art to make reading and absorbing the wisdom inside infinitely more pleasant.

In fact, this is actually part of the wisdom. There are several pages that celebrate the human body’s ability to transform through the power of beliefs, as well as ones that discuss the power of beauty to win the attention game or captivate a fanbase.

If you want to build an empire, you can’t ignore beauty, sex and art. They’re off-the-charts powerful.

The most creative artists, entertainers, and empire-builders in history understood this.

Get this book, and you will too.

Soaring Beliefs Book - Open Proper

This book will inspire you to live better, and lead, better.

Yes, it’s a big claim, but I believe change is easy and natural.

You’ve got more practice at it than you think. And if you can manage to let the words inside this book touch you, wash over you, you’ll change for the better.

Of course a book can’t technically change you. You change yourself.

This book was made to help you do just that.

You’ve been absorbing the ideas of others since you were a kid, now you can do it with some god-tier beliefs that elevate you.

Words can inspire you to do great things, invest in the ones that do.

So… are you ready to Soar?

Most people fail to accomplish their dreams ’cause of one main reason:

No, it’s not motivation, or hustle, or vision. You likely have more than enough of that.

No, they fail ’cause they haven’t thought their beliefs through. They’ve failed to get clear on beliefs that serve them.

But that’s ok, it’s why I’m here.

I’ve thought beliefs through deeply. I’ve gotten clear. I’ve done all the thinking for you. Just read, absorb, and believe better.

Then watch your new beliefs blossom into a new fulfilling life for you, your squad, your empire.

It’s that easy. Soaring is too.

But it's not for everyone.

I write like I talk, some people don’t like it. If a passionate cuss-word here or there offends you, this book isn’t for you. If boobs or taboos trigger you, this book ain’t for you. If you’d rather be ignorant than face hard-truths, this book ain’t for you.


If you’re open-minded, receptive, hungry to grow and change and be a better leader, a better person, you’re on the right page.

This book is for ambitious heroes who wanna change the world, or at least change their own corner of it.

Warning This Book Is Epic
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Here's a few testimonials from readers:

Hi, I’m J-Ryze. I love helping people be better humans.

J-Ryze_By_Matt_Barnes_Twitter_AvatarI’ve loved helping people rise up since I was a kid.

But most people don’t know I do it. I’m kind of a ‘best-kept-secret.’ I advise thought-leaders, influencers, & empire-builders, behind the scenes.

For example, I’m a decade-long collaborator of Evan Carmichael’s, and together, he and I created a business accelerator called ‘Soar’. Soar helps heroes like you build their empires.

But we don’t do it in a ‘normal’, ‘traditional’ way. We do it faster & easier, because we focus on the highest-leverage thing of all.

Your beliefs.

Most growth comes from uplifting people’s beliefs, something I’ve done naturally since I was young. (When I was eleven, I helped my Mom believe I deserved a later bedtime.)

At my core, I’ve always devoured every morsel of wisdom I can in order to teach it to others.

I have experience in scores of art-forms & disciplines. My clients call me Yoda, Morpheus, Banner, Merlin. The guru-on-the-mountain.

They’re being playful and tongue-in-cheek. I think. Mostly. Lol.

The words in these pages are some of my clearest views on life-changing topics. 

Everything from body-transformation & health, to the power of sexuality, to the secret ‘play’ plays in your empire-building.

And I don’t say that lightly.

I have insanely high-standards, like… freakishly so. For myself, and for others. And that includes the beliefs, ideas, & words contained in this book.

I’ve written millions of words in my life, and Cynthia went through 559 of my Instagram posts, cutting away all but the best, leaving only 26 pages of pure gold. Less is more. Your time is precious, and you deserve better beliefs, in as fast a read as possible. 

But… I’ll be honest. My exacting love of clarity, precision, & excellence means that I’m ‘edgy’, ‘challenging to connect with’, and ‘a lone wolf’ with little patience. So yes, I’m epically good at what I do…

…but I’m also not for everyone.

But, even though I’m flawed and messed up, this works out for you. My insane standards mean the views presented in this book are top-tier. Literally some of the best beliefs on the planet.

And you can have them for a song.

And since I’m sharing a bit about me and my story, I’ll mention that I love art, sex, ideas, League Of Legends, & rock-climbing.

Wanna know more?

You can check out some of my creations here.

Did i mention this started on instagram?

Instagram is mostly models, travel shots, and fluff right?

Well, maybe. But it’s also a platform that allows people to use their voice, and I’ve used it to share some pretty mind-blowing things.

But it’s not right that such valuable nuggets may get buried in an avalanche of hashtags or get hidden by the algorithm.


Each original instagram caption has been re-visited and re-written to highlight the most compelling ideas possible.

Each page is hand-crafted to make a strong, clear point that resonates with you. One that once you read it, you can’t remain the same old you, doing the same old things.

Each piece is meant to level-up your beliefs on a certain topic, and get your beliefs closer to those held by the world’s celebrities, influencers, and thought-leaders.

But chatting with a wise man is way more valuable than studying books.

A Chat With A Wise Man

I agree. Which is why I’ve designed this to go way beyond a ‘normal book.’

It’s more designed to be twenty-six ‘chats with me’, on subjects that matter: solving poverty, death as a blessing, true feminism, scandal-as-attention, and much more.

Your satisfaction's guaranteed.

Changing the world –and yourself– is a two-way street. I can give you all the gold, but if you don’t have an open mind, or aren’t really ready for change, this book won’t help you.

That said, I really don’t know how someone could not like, enjoy, & benefit from this book. Truly.

But hey, it’s a big world, and just in case you’re one of the few that don’t like it, you can return it for a full-refund. No strings, no problems.

I want you to be happy in life, and I’ll do my best to help with that.

To create an empire you’ll need unusual beliefs.

Average won’t help you. Normal won’t help you. Average and normal people will get you average & normal results.

I’m not anywhere close to normal, and neither is this book.

It’s for unique, elite peeps who aim to elevate themselves, society, the world.

You want unusual results. You want to be an anomaly. You want to be the 1% of people who succeed bigger & better, make more, live happier. You want to increase influence and personal power.

Even if you’re not an empire-builder, the beliefs and ideas contained on each of these pages can help almost anyone.

But ‘just anyone’ would’ve been scared away by now.

Point is… Want a better body? There’s a page on that. Want more wealth? There’s a page on that. Want to be happier? There’s a page on that.

So even if you just wanna live a chill life, you deserve to live it well, and this book will help.

Empire-Building Beliefs 101This book is the easiest, fastest way to Soar.

Most books are super-general, or just ‘convince you to be positive.’

This book is different. It’s not a step by step manual.

It’s not hundreds of pages long.

Instead, each page of this book is crafted to give you a fresh, clear, life-changing view on something that matters.

It’s designed to be simple, fast, and so enjoyable so you’ll refer to it over and over again.

Less is more. Get the book that’ll help your whole life soar.

Surprise - Being A Better Human

This book is short, direct, and to-the-point. No hand-holding or baby-sitting, just pure goodness. Each page is basically a full meal, so you’re free to pick one at random and enjoy it. They don’t have to be read in order.

Here's a few testimonials from readers:

Want an eBook instead?

Neil Gaiman Tweet Ebook

I highly recommend that you get a physical copy.

The beauty of this book is the stunning visuals that go with the text.

People absorb things when visuals accompany ideas.

Sadly, eBooks tend to ruin most images inside them.

Besides, the ideas contained inside aren’t something to be ‘multi-tasked’ on a device, they’re something to be focused on and appreciated and absorbed properly.

On top of that, the book deserves to be shared and shown off. There’s tons of juicy conversation topics inside here. Put it out in your home and make a game of it, see which of your friends, clients, team are drawn to it.

Which people in your life are hungry to soar?

(Regardless of all this, an eBook version is likely in the works, if you feel like waiting. :P)

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