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Ever seen a show where the hero's best friend slaps sense into him?

Soar is that best friend... but for your business.

Because yes, you’re talented at what you do.

And yes, you’re building something that matters.

And yes, you’re destined for great things.

You’re truly an epic hero.

But epic heroes are often likely to go down the wrong path, or be self-sabotaging, or fail to see the forest for the trees, unless they have a tried-and-true sidekick to help them snap out of anything too stale.

Heroes need a wise counsellor, who always keeps their best interests at heart. 

If you’ve ever watched great movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Clueless and resonated with the heroes.

You know what I’m talking about.

You know that great advisors and trusted side-kicks are essential for keeping things on track and running smoothly.

So why do so many businesses try to get by without one?

Truth is…

Business Accelerator Slaps Face

Even the most successful influencers need wake-up calls.

But very few people are willing, or able, to provide them.

And it’s a shame, because you’re likely smart enough, passionate enough, and hungry enough to take your business into the stratosphere.

You just need fuel.

And despite what most people think, the fuel needed isn’t more money, time, or people.

Those things are wonderful side-effects that show up when you wake up.

Which is why the real fuel is a healthy dose of wake-up calls, opening your eyes to deeper truths about business and life.

And like most brands… until you get the wake-up calls you need, you’ll plod along at your regular pace.

Because even thought-leaders can’t kick things into high-gear without pure, high-octane fuel.

So if wake-up calls are so important… how come there aren’t more people offering them?


To deliver wake-up calls, one must first be awake.

And sadly, 99% of the population… is asleep.

They’re zombies, yes-men, and sycophants, hungrier for your approval more than the truth.

They want to help you, but they’re like the blind leading the blind.

You deserve better.

You deserve more than just fuel.

You deserve a jump-start.

You deserve nitro!

You deserve someone who’ll give you fresh views on taboos.

And that person… is me.

And the first thing I’d like to offer you is a game-changer. It’s the most important thing in your life, ever.

No exaggeration. No hype.

It’s the first domino that knocks all the others down beautifully and effortlessly.

This one skill is the key that unlocks everything else.

The skill to replace bad beliefs on a whim.

You need many skills to grow a mega-brand.

And lots of mentors will try and teach you them.

Branding, marketing, split-testing, hiring, on-boarding, culture-building, community-building, social media, copywriting, design, accounting, investing, negotiation, yadda yadda yadda.

And I agree, all those skills are important.

But every single one of those skills can only be unlocked if you understand how to mold and shape your own beliefs.

If you have the emotional intelligence to gauge your own feelings, desires, and confidence… then apply those to new beliefs.

As children we did this, we could gauge our own belief level, and increase our own belief in our skills as we learned, practiced, and grew.

But somewhere along the way, almost every person loses this skill. They forget about it.

They spend tons of energy grinding out new skills in mediocre ways, backed by mediocre beliefs. And they get mediocre results.

Because they’re unable to elevate their own beliefs effectively.

And there’s no one out there to tell them so, or to help them be better at it.

But I’m a belief-ninja. And I’ve helped transform thousands of beliefs. It’s easy for me, if my client has the desire, the receptivity, the co-operation.

And once you transform a belief that doesn’t serve you, doors open. Big-time.

Celebrities get this.

They understand how to will things into existence. They leverage the 60,000+ thoughts they have a day.

Because each belief you have is a magnet.

And each of those magnets lives in your mind, influencing your reality on every topic that matters to you.

So let’s explore…

How your mind builds momentum without you realizing it.

It all starts with a belief ion.

Ok, there’s no such thing as a “belief ion”, but it’s the term I use for the tiniest, little seed belief that informs all the other branching beliefs.

For example, let’s say you believe your business isn’t growing. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t, but regardless…

There could be a few different “belief ions” making up the foundation of your belief.

Perhaps you believe one or more of the following.

  • Growth is hard.
  • I’m unlucky.
  • Success must be earned.

As soon as you believe one of these belief ions, they begin attracting similar beliefs, like a magnet.

If you believe success must be earned, then you attract:

  • “Well I must not have earned it yet.”
  • “I guess I’m just not good enough yet.”
  • “Maybe my biz will never grow again.”

And on and on.

But what if you had an opposite belief-ion at the core?

What if you believed:

“Success is my birthright.”

Then you attract:

  • “I naturally succeed.”
  • “All my projects in the past have always blossomed.”
  • “Even if things look slow right now, I’m still succeeding as always.”

And on and on.

And you’re having thousands of thoughts a day.

They add up. They compound. They determine who you are as a person.

Are you an average person with average thoughts?


Are you a baller, with baller thoughts?

Your belief ions are always working in the background. They’re either degrading your mind, or elevating it. They’re either hurting you, or helping you.

This is how your mind builds momentum without you even realizing it.

Which in turn, affects the momentum of your business.

The celebrities and idols and heroes you look up to have fixed most of their bad beliefs.

Oh sure, they have the odd one leftover here or there, but by and large, they’ve polished their thinking.

They have positive belief-ions magnetizing greatness to them over and over.

And I want you to have this too.

But you’ve absolutely got to fix them if you want fulfilling results.

Belief Ions Business Accelerator

25 bad beliefs you have to fix to become the next Elon or Oprah.

Joe wanted to be great, and here's his story.

He wanted to build a mega-brand, leave a legacy, and make an impact on the world. So he ‘stayed positive’, and said all the ‘right’ buzzwords, and took all the ‘right’ actions.

But none of it helped. Joe grew slow, barely making progress. So he finally bit the bullet, and joined a business accelerator.

And things seemed good… at first.

Soar’s advice straightened him out on some things, pointed out awesome tricks he could apply, and he got a nice spike of growth.

But it didn’t last.

Sure, his mentor was giving him all the best advice, but for some reason it wasn’t sticking. Neither of them could figure it out. It was a struggle.

Suddenly, the mentor dropped him. He was nice about it, but Joe still felt shitty.

It felt like rejection, like he’d done something wrong.

And honestly, he kind of had.

Joe was doing what his coach said, but he wasn’t doing it with heart, passion, or belief.

On the outside, Joe looked like a big-shot ambitious empire-builder, but on the inside…

Joe’s beliefs on many topics were terrible.

And he realized they’d been that way since he was a teenager, and he’d never bothered to fix any of them.

So, determined to do better, Joe asked Soar for their list of crappy beliefs that hold people back, promising he’d return once he’d solved them.

Check out the list he received, below:

1. Denial → Acceptance
Most people are so deep in denial, that they can’t even admit they need to solve the rest of the list. Fix this one and you can actually begin the real entrepreneurial journey. You’ve got to be able to accept reality in order to change it. Most won’t.
2. Ignorant → Aware
Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s failure. If you’re ignorant of all sports, you’ll fail at the practice & discipline they build. If you’re ignorant of Hollywood, you’ll fail at the storytelling they teach. If you’re ignorant of your staff, your team will shatter. You’ve got to be aware & tuned-in to everything.
3. Spoonfed → Self-Learn
You’ve gotta be self-learning. Elon Musk taught himself. Oprah Winfrey taught herself. Steve Jobs taught himself. And they instantly applied lessons. If you need every answer spoon-fed to you, your biz won’t grow.
4. Fearful → Fearless
There’s no need for fear. And it’ll make your daily actions useless. Jessica Alba is fearless. Will Smith is fearless, Sofia Vergara is fearless. They know everyone is powerful, stable, and secure at their core. Step up and demonstrate it, because fear smothers success.
5. Inept → Efficient
You can’t be inept. People will buy from you because you’re great at what you do, but you can’t just be adept at one thing– you’re running a business. Your entire brand needs to be a well-oiled machine, from the out-reach to the cashflow.
6. Sporadic → Consistent
Consistency is key. JK Rowling kept writing for publishers, while on welfare. Michael Jordan practiced ‘ball nearly all day every day. People couldn’t stop Beyonce from performing. If you can’t put yourself beside legends and say ‘yes, I create as much and as often as they do’, you’re off-track.
7. Stuck → Adaptive
Successful people are adaptive. They never say they’re ‘stuck’, because they know they’re self-learners who figure things out. Roadblocks almost never slow them down, because they habitually adapt and find a new path. Instantly. They adoringly, and constantly, experiment… Do you?
8. Problem → Solution
You’ve gotta be a solver. Millions of problems, big & small, crop up in the life of a business. If you’re someone who gets stalled and crippled whenever you meet one, it’s game over! Everyone likes to think they’re a problem solver… but are you really?
9. Unreliable → Stable
Stability isn’t just valuable, it’s essential. Nothing can be built on unstable ground. Relationships can’t be grown with unreliable people. Businesses can’t be run by unreliable CEOs. It’s vital that you celebrate and champion your own reliable stability, in all areas.
10. Casual → Systematic
Life's made up of systems. You’re either creating your own, or you’re a cog in others. A huge mark of the mediocre is that they create inefficient systems, or pretend to have systems, or simply have none at all. They’ve no morning routine. They have no system for outreach. They’ve no data tracking or accounting. No system, no success. Period.
11. Worthless → Valuable
Most parents don’t raise high-value children. So their kids grow up believing they’re only slightly valuable. You’re valuable, act like it.
12. Scattered → Focused
Scattered, diluted energy has no impact. Everyone knows this. So why do so few focus their energy? Who succeeds more? The singer who focuses on her developing her singing career when chatting with others, or the one who constantly gets distracted and sidetracked onto useless topics like the latest celebrity scandal?
13. Miserly → Generous
Be generous with your value. Go the extra mile for your fans. Get content done early for collaborators. Tip your suppliers well. But don’t do it by going through (resentful) motions, do it from the heart, knowing there’s more where that came from. Generosity is a universal law, if you aren’t using it, life won’t be generous with you.
14. Ineffective → Effective
Be honest, are you effective? When you aim to get more clients, are you effective at it? When you aim to polish your content, are you effective at it? When you set a goal to be the best business in your field… Are. You. Effective? You can’t be great if you’re not.
15. Disloyal → Trustworthy
Nothing great is built on disloyalty. If you’re a fairweather friend (or collaborator), don’t expect to go very far. People need to be able to count on you. A successful person is only as good as their word. That means you keep your word to yourself and to others on the small things, or you won’t be trusted with the big things.
16. Physicality → Energy
Care more about energy, than physicality. Care more about passion, heart, & soul, then the exact amount of widgets sold today. Care more about the vibe behind convos, rather than what actual words spoken. A business looks physical, but it’s actually a combo of human-energy & inspiration. Do you truly get it, or just intellectually ‘get’ it?
17. Deceptive → Truthful
Be the true you. Have integrity. Most people’s parents lie about thousands of things, which teaches kids to hide their true selves. You’ll *think* you’re being truthful, but you won’t be. Without nailing this, you’ll attract manipulative liars who’ll prevent your brand from getting off the ground. What are you hiding out of shame, guilt, or propriety?
18. Auto-Pilot → Forethought
Be considerate and think ahead. You’ve gotta handle awareness first to do this. You’ve got to be aware of what will happen if you cut a corner. You’ve got to think ahead to the repercussions. Most people fail to do this and go through their biz on autopilot. Conduct yourself better.
19. Dismissive → Respectful
Respect… a lot. This only works if you pay attention to energy. It's tempting to dismiss a homeless guy’s advice 'cause of appearances, but his energy says he knows the solution, & you’d better respect his wisdom. It's tempting to fight that scrawny dude, but he’s actually a black-belt who’ll cripple you with one touch. True greats know when to dismiss, and when to respect.
20. Work → Play
Real entrepreneurs ‘work hard’, right? No. Even the ‘hustle-culture’ ones like Gary Vee ultimately do what they love, energize themselves, & turn work into play. If you’re forcing ‘work’, you’ve already lost.
21. Sloppy → Artful
No customer or team respects a sloppily run business. And no adviser can help you if you’re sloppy AF. You don’t have to be perfect, but your aim has to be artful and masterful, with your creations.
22. Unimaginative → Creative
Name me one unimaginative success-story. There aren’t any. Creative imagination is an insanely powerful tool that we’re all blessed with. If you find yourself neglecting yours, failure wouldn’t be surprising at all. You’ve gotta fix it. Deploy your imaginative creativity and act on it.
23. Closed-Mind → Open-Mind
Great people keep an open mind. They meet each idea and viewpoint no judgment and an open mind. They instead look eagerly for whatever value may be there before they move on. They’ve let go of knee-jerk reactions & snap-judgments. You’d be well-served to do the same.
24. Apathetic → Passionate
Your heroes care. They care about their art. They care about their fans. They care about their time, money, choices, projects. They care about each note, each headline, each brush-stroke. They care about what they put in their body & who they hang around. They care about improving their mindset, do you?
25. Compromise → Integrity
You’ve gotta be clear. Clear about your mission, message, & vision for your brand. Clear on your creations. Clear instructions to collaborators. Clear in word, heart, mind, & deed. Your dreams need precise assessments. If you’re aiming to make money, figure out a precise number. If you’re inaccurate about where things are at, you won’t get to where you want to go. If you don’t know something, admit it & go find out, because you can’t reach greatness until you’re clear. Do you know how far confused leaders go in business? They don’t.

So, how many 'bad beliefs' can you check off Joe's list?

Ideally you’ve handled all of them, but that’s very rare.

Even Jeff Bezos or Sara Blakely don’t have every one handled, so it’s clearly not necessary to get check every single one off, but…

No truly great entrepreneur goes through life with more than FIVE of these issues UNRESOLVED.

If you believe #1 (denying the truth) is productive, no amount of help I can give you will make a difference.

If you believe #20 (‘hard work’ is a sustainable path,) you’re in for a miserable, ineffective journey.

All your heroes, the Beyonces & Oprahs, the Musks & the Carmichaels, fixed all these things FIRST.

They understood that their mindset could be their biggest resource or their biggest roadblock.

And I’ve learned the hard way that I can pour out insane amounts of wisdom, but if the people I’m giving it to have too many bad beliefs, it’s basically a waste of time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. But to solve it, you’ll have to do the inner-work necessary to correct the 25 issues above.

It sounds like a lot, but when we’re talking about building an empire, a day –or a week, or a month– of work to get your shit together isn’t too much to ask.

And really, if you’re not eager to fix this stuff, then you’re not eager to be great.

You may be thinking: OK, but where do I start?

The easiest way to know what beliefs are limiting you... is with a mirror.

And what, exactly, is a mirror?

A mirror is someone, or something, who reflects your beliefs clearly and reliably to you, no matter what.

They have epic integrity, and always deliver the truth, no matter the situation.

Sometimes you can find them in a best friend. Other times, life’s hard lessons serve them up in less than pleasant ways.

An empire is a direct reflection of the leaders beliefs.

Actually, any creation is. If you master the ability to examine and adjust your beliefs consciously and consistently, you can be the next Oprah, the next Elon Musk, the next Eminem of your industry.

But the thing is, most people aren’t aware of their beliefs.

They’re not sensitive to them, and their beliefs go unnoticed and unexamined most of the time, which leaves their empire at a stand-still. The first step to improving beliefs, is to see them for what they are.

Which means you need a good mirror.

There’s one major problem with that though.

But good mirrors are insanely rare.

Like… they’re ridiculously hard to find. Why?

Because society simple doesn’t encourage the traits necessary to make a person a good mirror.

Instead, society encourages chasing status. Capitalism encourages selfish, personal agendas.

Even if people don’t want to admit it… nearly everyone’s lying to themselves about their motivations, and so, they end up lying to everyone else too.

Nearly everyone is obsessed with external things, instead of keeping a pure heart and doing whatever is in the world’s best interests.

All these cultural doctrines make people into cloudy, dirty, foggy mirrors. None of them make for a solid advisor, and definitely not a reliable mirror.

A truly good mirror is a person who’s crystal clear about themselves, life, and you. They have to be pure as distilled water. They can’t be bribe-able, sway-able, or easily influenced… because their number one job is to help you improve your heart, mind, and soul by challenging your beliefs, calling you out, and refining your form.

They tell the truth, and their truth, at all times. They’re almost painfully honest and so deeply aware that they see through all facades. If you have someone like this, you quickly accelerate your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

If you don’t have someone like this, you’re likely a flabby-minded leader who won’t go very far.

Business Accelerator - Human Mirror

Ready to elevate your beliefs for free?

Awesome! Click below for Soar’s free see Focus Wheel belief-changing tutorial!

And flabby minds are afraid of mirrors.

Mirror-avoiders, right? You know the type.

Because they’re not in decent shape, they refuse to face it.

Because they’re out of shape, they avoid mirrors at all costs.

But that’s not how you get healthy.

A dancer can’t refine their performance without a mirror.

A weight-lifter can’t perfect their form without a mirror.

I mean, I guess technically you could, but anyone serious about improving gets a mirror.

They know you can’t make a change until you admit the truth, accept your starting point, and start getting fit from there.

And the same thing applies to your beliefs.

So are you really ready to Soar?

Or do you want a biz accelerator that throws some capital or seed money at you?

If you’re just looking for some marketing tips here and there, or to plug into Evan’s social network, Soar isn’t for you.

Soar is for people who can let me reflect their shitty beliefs back to them, admit the truth, and quickly make changes.

Soar is for people who understand growth is an internal process first, then external.

Soar is for ambitious ballers, who know what the real work is, and are eager to blaze through it.

If you’re looking for a crystal clear mirror, then maybe we’re a fit.

Meet us: A consigliere & a revolutionary.

Hi, I'm J-Ryze.

J-Ryze - Empire Business Advisor - Clasped Hands -

I'm the consigliere.

I’m a high-energy, no-bullshit, 21st- century merlin, and I love accelerating things.

Although I’m encouraging, I’m not a ‘yes-man’, if you’re looking for someone to kiss your ass, look elsewhere.

When I started my business, I was literally penniless, sleeping on cold steel benches. I took calls on shitty cafe internet, and once did a radio interview from a subway payphone.

Eventually, I rose like a phoenix from the ashes, transforming myself into who I am today. I did it by helping people be better.

I injected pure ideas that mattered. Pure ideas led to pure execution, which led to pure results.

Imagine what I could do to help you #ryze.

I learned not to care about money while living on the streets. I can’t be bought or manipulated, and my only agenda is to help you soar.

I’m an epic advisor.

An ultimate, trustworthy confidante.

I tie myself to your hopes and dreams, and do everything in my power to help you succeed.

When you ryze, I ryze, period. Are you ready to transform?


And this is Evan.

Evan - Clasped Hands - Soar - Matt Barnes Photo

He's the revolutionary.

Evan likely needs no introduction, but here’s a quick look:

Gary Vaynerchuck called him the DJ who inspires people. Ed Mylett called him the modern day Napoleon Hill.

At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist raising $500k to $15M. He now runs a YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with over 2 million subscribers, wrote 4 books, and speaks globally.

Forbes named him one of the world’s top 40 social marketing talents and Inc. named him one of the 100 great leadership speakers and 25 social media keynote speakers you need to know.

He’s set 2 world records, uses a trampoline & stand-up desk, owns Canada’s largest salsa dance studio where he met his wife. He’s a husband, father, TSM Fan, and Teemo main.

More importantly, Evan believes in people, even more than they believe in themselves!

Evan can offer his growing platform, resources, and connections.

He can turbocharge your business through his #OneWord philosophy.

Not to mention his epic levels of belief… in you.


Together, Evan & I are the team to help you level up.

You’ll get frequent chats and insight from me, with periodic coaching from Evan when the time’s right. I adjust mindset/beliefs, and Evan adjusts your biz models/strategy. The combo is what accelerates your growth so quickly. Two wise advisers working from complementary ends of the business spectrum, plus access to Evan’s huge platform/audience. While my strength is elevating people, their beliefs, their brands, Evan’s more about tweaking financial models, scaling, marketing, collabs, etc. He’s the jelly to my peanut-butter, the Red Bull to my vodka. Ryze now. Ryze tomorrow. Ryze always, ’cause the rising never stops 🙂

You deserve thrilling, fulfilling momentum.

This is for future leaders, celebrities, heroes.

Out of everyone on the planet, it’s important that you be better, that you ryze up, that you soar.

‘Cause you change the game.

You’re high-leverage.

And you can’t afford to execute poorly, you can’t afford to exist poorly.

Your brand, your decisions, your art, has to ryze. I’m talking about stuff no ‘leadership book’ brings to the table. Deeper perspectives, broader experiences, more creative insights.

Make sure you haven’t set the bar at ground-level, convinced it’s actually the stars.

No way you’d set a low bar?

Well, it’s more likely than you think, especially if you’re surrounded by the same ideas all day.

The media spews the same ideas over and over. So do all the so-called ‘experts.’ So does Hollywood.

Hell, even most scientists recite the same boring af bullshit.

It’s all stuff as common as a shave, and as effective as a dull blade.

But it’s all good, you seek out better things, that’s why you’ve found yourself here.

You know you’ve gotta minimize lukewarm, low-value conversations. Ditch low-standard zombies who may dilute your decisions.

Sure, you’re stable. You’re building momentum. You’re a overall happy person. And you want more speed, more reach, more polish, more exposure, more quality, more impact.

More of everything, really.

Empire secrets, focus wheels, & breathability will uplift you.

Read on for a taste of the Soar magic.

What you get out of Soar depends on who you are and where you’re at.

It’s extremely individual. Unique. Customized.

Soar is hand-tailored business-acceleration, based on what’s valuable to you and your brand, but here’s some a quick overview of what’s involved:

Regular calls w/ J-Ryze
Contact with me is where a lot of the magic happens. (“A five minute conversation with J-Ryze can change the way you look at life.” – Elie Kirreh.)

Secret, special bonus opportunities
This may be creative content for your brand. It may be promotion on Evan’s channels. It may be something even more awesome, we’ll develop it together when we dig deeper into your journey.

Access to Evan’s platform
This may be creative works. It may be promotion on Evan’s channels. It may be something even more awesome, we’ll develop it together when we dig deeper into your journey.

Imagine a sieve…
A sieve taking world culture, and filtering it to make sure the best finds its way to you, in pure, understandable ways.

Imagine a pill-bottle…
Your secret stash of Adrenalin-pills, pop-able for a boost in any area of life.

Imagine a sounding board…
Your personal sounding-board, to bounce ideas back to you from fresh angles.

Some of the techniques we’ll use will skyrocket you into gear.

Focus Wheels, for example.

This is the highest leverage exercise Soar offers, and it’s a huge turning point for many.

It’s truly amazing how your own thoughts, plus pen, paper, or word-document can really amp up your life.

I’ll teach you

Another high-leverage trick you can apply is ‘breathability.’

Breathability is used by all the people you look up to, to make their content truly epic. It’d be easy for you to use it and win too. 

I’ll teach you that as well.

You deserve to have a prestigious, popular, impressive brand. I can help you.”

Blast off from a plateau of moderate success & passable creations… into a stellar orbit.

Get yourself an advisor who matters.

Get clearer, easier decisions. Get enthusiasm, adrenaline. Get deep understanding, expansion.

You know that phrase, “you’re the average of the 5 closest people you hang around?”

Joining soar puts you in contact with a higher caliber of people, and shoots you into a rarefied business atmosphere.

You get better, your content gets better, your business gets better.

This is how you elevate your brand.

Let Evan and I plug into your business and bam, you’re off to the races turning up your brand’s authenticity and building that street cred you deserve. And suddenly you have a hyper-efficient business model, making way more for way less effort, or you simply get peace of mind on things that have been weighing on you.

Whatever’s going on with your business right now, join up and soar together with us.

Feel lighter, be richer, soar higher… everybody wins.

It’s easy on your time and your pocketbook.

Growth isn’t about hollow meetings, red tape, and homework. All it really takes is an a-ha moment… or a bunch of them. All it takes is the right insight, on the right topic, at the right time. Accelerating your momentum can happen in the blink of an eye.

Still not sure? Then here’s some free resources to help you feel the magic.

We ain't for the faint of heart.

If you settle for weak solutions... lose sight of the big picture... see limits everywhere... resist inspired impulses... aren't willing to start over... do what parents say... hesitate to start now... need coffee to work... can't clear your mind... can't imagine being president... overuse ten cent words... over complicate & overthink... can't trust anymore... feel like stopping... can't take the truth...

If you're any of the above, we're probably not a fit.

Soar isn’t your average accelerator, and it’s not for average people.

If you’re cool gliding along & not ready to take it to the next level, Soar isn’t for you.

But if you’re aware of yourself, psyched to impact the world, and want to dig deeper, we may click.

Soar offers raw, explosive power that’ll burn the unworthy to a crisp.

Only those who truly believe in themselves will make the cut.

We’re looking for those who’re ready to fly as close to the sun as possible. (I mean, hey, the sun’s a star, which is exactly what we want to help you become.)

Soar’s for risk-takers who set the bar impossibly high, then leap right over it. It’s for trend-setters who aren’t afraid to tear it all down to build the next big thing. It’s for the big players, the thought leaders, the empire builders.

So maybe you’re fit to soar. Maybe.

I emphasize this, ’cause odds are I’m not the advisor for you.

I talk about sex. I talk about death. I talk about pop.

Learning from me is like climbing a mountain to meet a guru who greets you like this:

“Fuck you. You’ve been playing way too small, for way too long.”

You feel me?

You’ve gotta be badass, I walk away if you’re not. I’ve walked away from money on the table rather than dealing with unworkable bullshit. I’ve walked away from media attention, just to make a point to the journalist.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a baller. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done so much good for the world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve built a tribe & a chunk of influence.

No matter who you are, or what you’ve done, I’ma speak the truth, and you gotta be open to it.

I’m here to help you soar, not fuck around sweating details.

If your hang-ups stop you from receiving the J-Ryze love, how am I supposed to help you?

So, if you’re ruled by fear, or risk-averse, you may not like what I have to offer. If you don’t stand for something, or all you think about is dollar signs & bottom lines, it’s too small.

If you can’t stand the heat, don’t even think about stepping into my kitchen.

But if you’re not afraid of fire, you stand to gain a trustworthy sounding-board, a clear decision-filter, and someone who expands your vision & legacy in mind-blowing ways.

I want outliers whose thinking goes against the grain. That’s my kind of people. I’ve made friends with pornstars and given them life-changing insights. I’ve confronted alcoholics to wake ’em up to recovery. I’ve made ‘convict’ friends in jail, earning respect with my brand of motivational rocket-fuel.

That’s who I am, and I’ve gotta be me.

And it’s why I love helping you be you.


So, do you dare tackle the truly big problems?

Curing cancer. Rejuvenating earth. Smarter cities. Trumping genetics. Normalizing sexwork. Longevity coaching. Dignified death. Elevating esports. Evolving music. Attention as currency. Beauty metamorphosis.

Soar is for people who can be trusted to use power for the good of all.

Just like Gandalf knew Frodo was the only hero who could be trusted with the power of the ring, I know only some are ready for what I have to offer.

I only want to give it to people who are truly going to use it well.

Are you really ready to tackle the biggest problems out there?

Are you ready to use your power & influence in ways that truly matter?

If nothing above has scared you off, chances are looking good.

Nice! Evan and I are psyched!

‘Cause all this intense, scary talk aside, when it comes down to it…

Soaring is easy, honest.

It’s natural, it just takes guts.

(And the right circles around you.)

And it’s easier with turbo-charged fuel from epic advisors, smoothing & accelerating your growth.

It’s worth investing in easier growth, and we’ll make it even more so… together.

Ever wonder why so little progress is made:

Relieving poverty?
Curing cancer?
Reversing climate-change?
Building better cities?

It’d be arrogant to claim I know, but I’d bet it’s largely ’cause the leaders in charge failed to broaden their perspectives.

They failed to grow beyond the problem.

They didn’t have next-level counsel, and went down a bland, beaten-path that society’s convinced them is ‘the right way.’

Most people in charge, barring ground-breakers like Steve Jobs or Kanye West, give the same weak-ass solutions that failed in the past, and will continue to do so.

The true greats who step up to tackle the big problems… are often surrounded by people so concerned with their own agenda, that most important truths get watered-down.

It’s vital that you’re surrounded with the right people, from advisors to adversaries.

So many King Arthurs wandering around without Merlins. Cleopatras without Mark Anthonys.

Don’t let that be you.

Empire Roles - Teams & Talent

Ready to become a living mega-brand? Apply below.

Now let's talk how to apply to Soar.

It’s easy.

Technically, all it takes is an email, a conversation, and a virtual handshake.

But to be accepted your leadership qualities have to be clearly on display.

You’ll be asked to do a few focus wheels so I can assess your beliefs and readiness.

You can delay them, and try and do them after our call, but your chances of being accepted are way higher if you do ’em ahead of time.

And if you’re not willing to jot down 3 focus wheels, and show off your best beliefs…

…then there’s no point in me helping you, right?

No point investing my heart and soul into helping people who won’t even help themselves, right?

So, assuming you’ve already demonstrated your amazing beliefs, Soar also requires the following:

Soar also requires the following:

1. 25 x 25 Fee Structure

You give 25% equity in your business & 25% of owner withdrawals. It maxes out potential for all involved & gives a small revenue stream to us without heavily taxing you. The fee scales as you make more money, & ensures you're never paying more than you're earning.

2. A Sellable Business

We want to scale businesses. This model doesn't work if you want to be a solo-preneur forever. We wanna soar, not glide slowly. Let's build something big together and make a lot of people happy (and a lot of money, too.) - Acquisitions, IPOs, & buyouts all count as "selling", so as long as you're aiming for one of those, we're good.

3. Trust

This requires epic levels of trust. We're throwing out the old convertible debenture, royalties, & dividends. You're not gonna be burdened with a monthly fee that burns you when you're in a down-cycle, but we need to know when you're pulling money out. We ditch the red tape 'cause we care about you, & trust you to care about us.

4. Optional Phase-In

That 25% might sound like a hard pill to swallow up front, so for well-established businesses we propose a phase-in. Start at 5%, and work that up to 25% over the next few years as your business grows.

This game-changing pricing model is beyond worth it.

Soar's the only accelerator that takes on all the risk.

So even though you’re sharing profit, it’s totally worth it–’cause you’ll accelerate your own profit way more with us.

Plus, it’s really your mission, vision, and impact that should matter to you. Your legacy. Not a percentage here or there.

Besides, other programs that aren’t as good as this are a set cost… meaning they’re not nearly as invested in your success as we are.

Don’t worry though, we’ll work all those details out only if we both feel confident that we’re an epic team, meant to soar together.

If you’re a baller… details like this are small potatoes compared to the possible upsides.

Unique leaders like you deserve a unique business accelerator.

Exclusive Soar Accelerator

Unique and exclusive.

Soar rejects over 90% of applicants, and that's a good thing. It means if you're a fit, then you're part of an elite group of influencers destined for true impact in the world.

Soar Means Less Hassle, More Trust

Less hassle, more trust.

You move fast, you don't wanna be bothered with red tape and b.s., you wanna hook up with true, blue, kind-hearted people who care about you & want you to win.

Soar Is Aligned With You

Aligned with you.

We're in this together. The fee scales only when you do, and ensures you're never paying more than you're earning. If you don't pay yourself, you don't pay us. Simple.

Want a free hit of soaring wisdom? Email me to setup a call.

We'll chat briefly, and crush your goals, and have fun doing it.

You can ask me anything, and I’ll help you ryze past any plateau.

Branding, marketing, staffing, strategy, relationships, culture, content, virality, narrative, artistry, motivation, health, sexuality, legacy, resonance… you name it, we’ll crush it together.

Or you can just share your story with me, talk about whatever comes up organically, and I’ll spot points of leverage and help you there.

You’ll leave the call absolutely off-the-charts amped up for your life and biz.

And if not? No biggie, it was worth a shot… after all it’s free, right?

Want a free taste of the soaring value?

Email me and we’ll see if you qualify for a free #SoarSesh on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Let’s connect 🙂

P.S. Here's Kendra & Damian raving about a single chat with me!

So get ready for your best day, week, month... ever.

Your path to faster growth is in front of you.

Together we’ll shape beliefs, tap into your potential, and so much more.

Seriously, joining this business accelerator will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Your empire is blossoming and just being here is already helping it flourish, believe it.

I may be pretty intense, but that intensity comes from love.

It’s because I care about you, and I want you to succeed.

There’s so much love here for you, and it’ll just keep growing and growing as time goes on.

So… if you’re up for it, let’s elevate your brand, biz, art, name, marketing, social, relationships, innovation, r&d— all the things. 

Business is meant to be fun, expansion’s meant to be natural, if you’re ready for that, let Evan & I help you soar.

Billions of stray thoughts are dreamed up every single day, but few ideas ever come to light, and fewer still gain the momentum needed to really take off.

Those that truly take flight have the power to alter the course of human history.

But why should heroes just fly when you can Soar?

If you’re not doing something reality-altering, best bounce now.

Ideas that reach escape velocity are the ones empires are made from.

All it takes is the right fuel.

For your idea to grow into the Next Big Thing, you need the right combination of know-how and ass-kicking energy to blast it into the stratosphere and make it Soar.

Daniel-san had Mr. Miyagi. Who’s gonna teach you the secrets you need to succeed?

Are you a Corleone looking for your Tom Hagen, the right consigliere to advise you when you need it most?

Who’s going to be the Tyrion to your Daenerys, keeping your head on straight while you build your empire?

Or do you need your own, personal Tyler Durden to unlock something you didn’t even realize you had inside? Let’s find out.

You’re getting two of the real-talkin’, high-integrity, high-value advisors, (plus access to Evan’s platform)… and they’re not asking for your money, at least not upfront.

Unlike most accelerators, Soar totally aligns our interests.

If you don’t make money, we don’t. Period.

It’s all love.

It’s massive trust.

That heart is reflected in the fee structure.

Had a rough patch, not paying yourself much that month? Soar fees drop that month.

Had a great quarter? We all win big. Plus, if you’re a well-established biz and aren’t comfortable with the ask, we offer reasonable a phase-in so you can see the awesome growth our collaboration brings at a premium. 

We go all out to help you reach new heights, and we do it in a way that keeps us all aligned.

Let the pie keep growing.

Share it.

Create new pies.

Share them too.

Love business, love life.

Growing Pie Business Accelerator

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You have to be a great person first, that's what allows you to do great things.

Wooo! I'm ready, how do I apply?

Email me a bit about yourself, your goals, and your current situation and we’ll see if you qualify for a free #SoarSesh on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Let’s connect 🙂