How Can You Achieve Greatness?

If you’re like Joe, you’ll have to fix 25 things first. Here’s his story…

Joe wanted to be great.

He wanted to build a mega-brand, leave a legacy, and make an impact on the world. So he ‘stayed positive’, and said all the ‘right’ buzzwords, and took all the ‘right’ actions.

But none of it helped. He grew slow, barely making progress So he finally bit the bullet, and joined a business accelerator.

And things seemed good… at first.

Soar’s advice straightened him out on some things, pointed out awesome tricks he could apply, and he got a nice spike of growth.

But it didn’t last.

Soon his mentor was giving him all the best advice, but for some reason it wasn’t helping. Neither of them could figure it out.

Suddenly, his coach dropped him. He was nice about it, but it didn’t feel good.

It felt like rejection, like he’d done something wrong.

And he kind of had.

Joe was doing what his coach said, but he wasn’t doing it with heart, passion, or belief.

On the outside, Joe looked like a big-shot, ambitious, empire-builder, but on the inside…

Joe’s beliefs on many topics were terrible.

And he realized they’d been that way since he was a teenager, and he’d never bothered to fix any of them.

So, determined to do better, Joe asked Soar for a list of crappy beliefs that were holding him back, promising he’d come back once he’d solved them.

Check out the list he received, below:

How many bad beliefs can you check off Joe's list?

Ideally all of them.

It’s not 100% necessary to get check every single one off, but…

No great entrepreneur goes through life with more than 5 of these issues unresolved.

If you believe denying the truth is productive, no amount of help I can give you will make a difference.

If you think ‘hard work’ is a sustainable path to victory, you’re in for a miserable journey.

If you believe hiding from and denying the truth is productive, you’ll make no impact and create next-to-nothing.

All your heroes, the Beyonces & Oprahs, the Musks & the Carmichaels, fixed all these things FIRST.

They understood their mindset could be their biggest resource, or their biggest roadblock.

I’ve learned the hard way that I could pour out insane amounts of wisdom, but if the people I’m giving it to have too many bad beliefs, it’s basically a waste of time.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but to solve it, you’ll have to do whatever inner-work is necessary to correct the 25 issues below.

It sounds like a lot, but when we’re talking about building an empire, a day or a week of work to get your shit together isn’t too much to do.

And if you’re not eager to fix this stuff, then you’re not eager to be great.


Core Beliefs

1. Denial → Acceptance

Most people are deep in denial, that they can’t even admit they need to solve the rest of the list. Fix this one and you can actually begin the real entrepreneurial journey. You’ve got to be able to accept reality in order to change it.

Most won’t.

5. Inept → Efficient

You can’t be inept. People will buy from you because you’re great at what you do, but you can’t just be adept at one thing– you’re running a business.

Your entire brand needs to be a well-oiled machine, from the out-reach to the cashflow.

2. Ignorant → Aware

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s failure. If you’re ignorant of all sports, you’ll fail at the practice & discipline they build. If you’re ignorant of Hollywood, you’ll fail at the storytelling they teach. If you’re ignorant of your staff, your team will shatter.

You’ve got to be aware & tuned-in to everything.

6. Sporadic → Consistent

Consistency is key. JK Rowling kept writing for publishers, while on welfare. Michael Jordan practiced ‘ball nearly all day every day. People couldn’t stop Beyonce from performing.

If you can’t put yourself beside legends and say ‘yes, I create as much and as often as they do’, you’re off-track.

3. Spoonfed → Self-Learn

You’ve gotta be self-learning. Elon Musk taught himself. Oprah Winfrey taught herself. Steve Jobs taught himself. And they instantly applied lessons.

If you need every answer spoon-fed to you, your biz won’t grow.

7. Stuck → Adaptive

Successful people are adaptive. They never say they’re ‘stuck’, because they know they’re self-learners who figure things out. Roadblocks almost never slow them down, because they habitually adapt and find a new path. Instantly.

They adoringly, and constantly, experiment…

Do you?

4. Fearful → Fearless

There’s no need for fear. And it’ll make your daily actions useless. Jessica Alba is fearless. Will Smith is fearless, Sofia Vergara is fearless. They know everyone is powerful, stable, and secure at their core.

Step up and demonstrate it, because fear smothers success.

"Your beliefs determine your action, and your actions determine your results."

—Mark Victor Hansen

Value Beliefs

8. Problem → Solution

You’ve gotta be a solver. Millions of problems, big & small, crop up in the life of a business. If you’re someone who gets stalled and crippled whenever you meet one, it’s game over!

Everyone likes to think they’re a problem solver… but are you really?

12. Scattered → Focused

Scattered, diluted energy has no impact. Everyone knows this. So why do so few focus their energy?

Who succeeds more? The singer who focuses on her developing her singing career when chatting with others, or the one who constantly gets distracted and sidetracked onto useless topics like the latest celebrity scandal?

9. Unreliable → Stable

Stability isn’t just valuable, it’s essential. Nothing can be built on unstable ground. Relationships can’t be grown with unreliable people. Businesses can’t be run by unreliable CEOs.

It’s vital that you celebrate and champion your own reliable stability, in all areas.

13. Miserly → Generous

Be generous with your value. Go the extra mile for your audience. Get content done ahead of time for your collaborator. Tip your suppliers well. But don’t do it by going through (resentful) motions, do it from the heart, knowing there’s more where that came from.

Generosity is a universal law, if you aren’t using it, life won’t be generous with you.

10. Haphazard → Systematic

Life is made up of systems. You’re either creating your own, or you’re a cog in other’s. A huge mark of the unsuccessful is that they create inefficient systems, or pretend to have systems, or simply have none at all. They’ve no morning routine. They have no system for outreach. They’ve no data tracking or accounting.

No system, no success. Period.

14. Ineffective → Effective

Be honest, are you effective? When you aim to get more clients, are you effective at it? When you aim to polish your content, are you effective at it? When you set a goal to be the best business in your field…

Are. You. Effective?

You can’t be great if you’re not.

11. Worthless → Valuable

Most parents don’t raise high-value children. So their kids grow up believing they’re only slightly valuable.

You’re valuable, act like it.

"My success isn't a result of arrogance - it's a result of belief."

—Conor McGregor

Collaborative Beliefs

15. Disloyal → Trustworthy

Nothing great is built on disloyalty. If you’re a fairweather friend (or collaborator), don’t expect to go very far. People need to be able to count on you. A successful person is only as good as their word.

That means you keep your word to yourself and to others on the small things, or you won’t be trusted with the big things.

19. Dismissive → Respectful

Respect… a lot. This only works if you pay attention to energy. It may be tempting to disrespect a homeless guy’s advice, because of appearances, but his energy says he knows the solution, and you’d better respect his wisdom. You may wanna fight that scrawny dude, but he’s actually a black-belt who’ll cripple you with one touch.

Great people know when to dismiss, and when to respect.

16. Physicality → Energy

Care more about energy, than physicality. Care more about passion, love, heart, & soul, then the exact amount of widgets sold today. Care more about the vibe behind conversations, rather than what actual words are spoken. A business looks physical, but it’s actually a combo of human-energy & inspiration.

Do you truly get it, or just intellectually ‘get’ it?

20. Work → Play

Real entrepreneurs ‘work hard’, right? No. Even the ‘hustle-culture’ ones like Gary Vee ultimately do what they love, energize themselves, & turn work into play.

If you’re forcing ‘work’, you’ve already lost.

17. Deceptive → Truthful

Be the true you. Have integrity. Most people’s parents lie about thousands of things, which teaches kids to hide their true selves. You’ll *think* you’re being truthful, but you won’t be. Without nailing this, you’ll attract manipulative liars who’ll prevent your brand from getting off the ground.

What are you hiding out of shame, guilt, or propriety?

21. Sloppy → Artful

No customer or team respects a sloppily run business. And no advisor can help you if you’re sloppy AF. You don’t have to be perfect, but your aim has to be artful and masterful, with your creations. 

18. Auto-Pilot → Forethought

Be considerate and think ahead. You’ve gotta handle awareness first to do this. You’ve got to be aware of what will happen if you cut a corner. You’ve got to think ahead to the repercussions. Most people fail to do this and go through their biz on autopilot.

Conduct yourself better.

"I'm not interested in your limiting beliefs, I'm interested in what makes you limitless."

—Brendon Burchard


22. Unimaginative → Creative

Name me one unimaginative success-story. There aren’t any. Creative imagination is an insanely powerful tool that we’re all blessed with. If you find yourself neglecting yours, failure wouldn’t be surprising at all. You’ve gotta fix it.

Deploy your imaginative creativity and act on it.

23. Closed-Mind → Open-Mind

Great people keep an open mind. They meet each idea and viewpoint no judgment and an open mind. They instead look eagerly for whatever value may be there before they move on. They’ve let go of knee-jerk reactions & snap-judgments.

You’d be well-served to do the same.

24. Apathetic → Passionate

Your heroes care. A lot. They care about their art. They care about their audiences. They care about their time, money, decisions, projects. They care about the details, each note, each headline, each brush-stroke. They care about what they put in their body and they care about who they hang around.

They care about improving their mindset, do you?

25. Confused → Clear

You’ve gotta be clear. Clear about your mission, message, & vision for your brand. Clear on your creations. Clear instructions to collaborators. Clear in word, heart, mind, & deed. Your dreams need precise assessments. If you’re aiming to make money, figure out a precise number. If you’re inaccurate about where things are at, you won’t get to where you want to go.

If you don’t know something, admit it & go find out, because you can’t reach greatness until you’re clear.

Do you know how far confused leaders go in business? They don’t.

If you want to be great, solve your bad beliefs.

Most people believe in cancer, addiction, struggle, etc… They believe in so many things, why not believe in better, more positive things? Why not believe in things that serve you? This list is meant to help with that.

So, now that Joe had them all in front of him…

How was he going to fix them?

He felt a bit guilty asking Soar for more help, despite being cut from the program, but he didn’t know what else to do.

Soar responded gracefully, and gave him a special tool:

Focus Wheels.

Joe was about to try his first focus wheel on his hardest belief, but he noticed a small note on the focus wheel:

“Joe, this tool is a game-changer, and if you use it right, it will solve any messed up belief you apply to it… but please, for your first one, tackle an easy belief to get the ball rolling.”

So that’s what Joe did.

He already believed he was ‘kind of’ generous, but it could be better, so he began there.

When his focus wheel was finished, Joe hadn’t really ‘done’ anything more than write a few sentences.

He wasn’t taking massive action, but something internal had shifted.

It went well, he felt great, and he knew deep in his gut, that his belief had changed.

This hit of personal power made him want to do focus wheels for the rest of his issues.

It's on you to be a great person first before you do great things.

Although Joe was eager to grow his business, he was initially not a fit for Soar.

He was missing key beliefs, and that’s a sure way to get cut.

For example, if you skip a focus wheel & fail to solve that belief… and end up with a related issue during Soar, you’re gone.

Why? Because you had your chance to fix it up-front, and you chose to skip it.

If one issue is particularly bad for you, you may have to do 3 or more focus wheels to resolve it. You have to do what it takes, because we won’t move forward unless it’s handled.

I don’t want what happened to Joe to happen to you.

To help with that, I’ve created an in-depth Focus Wheel Tutorial for you.

It’s on you to be a valuable person, full of fantastic beliefs and personality traits.

And if you don’t have these things handled, you can go through all the best courses, take all the best actions, and follow all the best advice in the world…

…but it will all still backfire on you.

It’ll be one great, big, giant waste of everyone’s time.

You’ve got to be a great person before you take quality actions.

You’ve got to radiate true, pure value, before you can create a valuable business.

It sounds simple because it is, but no one wants to admit they were raised poorly, and that they currently don’t have the inner-fortitude and character necessary to win.

And so, they spend decades spinning their wheels, achieving nothing.

Will you spin your wheels? Or will you choose to be great?

Ready to change your beliefs for the better?

Click below to see the focus wheel tutorial!


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