J-Ryze - Consigliere

Hi, I'm J-Ryze.

Consigliere to empire-builders.

And I'm going to explain something no one ever talks about.

The unspoken secret to building an empire.

Face it.

People want empire-building to be hard.

They want it to be a huge challenge they can brag about. They want it to be something they can do, but others can’t. But that’s just not the case. The truth is, building an empire’s easy, and only requires you to master a single skill. Self-Improvement.

If you master self-improvement, you shape yourself into a phenomenal leader, a superhero.

And the better the leader is, inside and out, the better the followers, the better the empire. But there’s a trick to self-improvement no book tells you. You need a mirror.

The world’s best leaders have advisors that deliver crystal clear wisdom. They have people close to them who challenge them on their beliefs, and with every challenge, the leader emerges better for it. A dancer can’t improve her steps without a mirror. A weight-lifter can’t master his form without a mirror. And a leader like you can’t build an empire without a mirror.

How to build an empire?

This ONE skill gives you the power to transform yourself.

The power to bend reality.

The power to make a dent in the universe.

You must have the skill to improve your beliefs.

Wanna be more efficient?

Improve your beliefs.

Wanna be more impactful?

Improve your beliefs.

Wanna be more appealing?

Improve your beliefs.

This one thing is what it all comes down to. An empire is a direct reflection of the leaders beliefs, just like any creation is, but on a massive scale. If you master the ability to examine and adjust your beliefs consciously and consistently, you can be the next Oprah, the next Elon Musk, the next Eminem of your industry.

The thing is, most people aren’t aware of their beliefs. They’re not sensitive to them, and their beliefs go unnoticed and unexamined most of the time, which leaves their empire at a stand-still. The first step to improving beliefs, is to see them for what they are.

And that means you need a mirror. So where do you get one?

Well, you can try letting life be your mirror...

This means that you look at what’s happening in your life, take responsibility for it, and realize the belief or beliefs that lie at the root of it.

So, if you’re attracting a lot of hard conversations lately, you likely have some belief about ‘people dont understand you’, or ‘no change comes without pain’, or ‘other people are dumber than me’, for example.

Let life’s results spark you to see the beliefs behind them.

But most people, for one reason or another, fail at this, so instead…

It's easier to have a 'human mirror' you can count on.

And who might be a good ‘human mirror’ for you?

Someone like me.

A sounding-board you can talk things out with for instant clarity on your beliefs.

And even better, a ‘belief-ninja’ who’s able to advise and guide you towards vastly superior beliefs.

You probably realize that this is an uncommonly precious thing, but similarly, so is an empire, it just makes sense.

But good mirrors are insanely rare.

Like… they’re ridiculously hard to find.


Because society just doesn’t encourage the traits necessary.

Society encourages chasing status. Capitalism encourages personal agendas. Nearly everyone is lying to themselves about their motivations, and so, they’re lying to everyone else too. Nearly everyone is obsessed with external things, instead of keeping a pure heart and doing whatever is in the world’s best interests.

None of these things make a solid advisor or a reliable mirror.

A good mirror is a person who’s crystal clear about themselves, life, and you. They have to be pure as distilled water. They can’t be bribe-able, sway-able, or easily influenced… because their number one job is to help you improve your heart, mind, and soul by challenging your beliefs, calling you out, and refining your form.

They tell the truth, and their truth, at all times. They’re almost painfully honest and so deeply aware that they see through all facades.

If you have someone like this, you quickly accelerate your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

If you don’t have someone like this, you’re a slow, easily corrupted leader who likely won’t go very far.

Great leaders need to see every belief.

It’s not about implementing the right strategy or magical new method. You don’t need to learn more, do more, or be more. You’re already a great leader. You just need better beliefs. And all great leaders have a guide to reflect them.

King Arthur had Merlin. Cleopatra had Mark Anthony. You deserve an advisor, a consigliere, a trusted confidant you can rely on. The reality is that things will never improve until your beliefs do.

That’s why Evan Carmichael has had almost a decade of conversations with me. He knows the overruling power of #Believe.

So once you see your beliefs, then what?

You challenge them... with better questions.

('Challenge' is the way you make anything stronger.)

If you don’t want to have your beliefs challenged until you’re sure they’re rock-solid, you probably won’t build an empire.

All the greatest leaders, the one’s who’ve changed society, were open-minded enough to speak out their beliefs, and allow them to be challenged and questioned by people smarter than them.

And yet, it’s surprising how many people are scared of questions. They’re afraid the answer will hurt their ego. Or that the answer will force them to… gasp… change.

So many leaders avoid asking questions because they don’t really want to know the answer.

It’s sad, because avoiding questions holds their growth back so much. Avoiding questions slams the brakes on all the greatness headed their way. Avoiding questions is a plague on founders, CEOs, and influencers.

Most leaders are so busy avoiding asking ANY questions, that they don’t even come close to asking BETTER questions.

And what do I mean by better questions?

-Deeper ones
-More truthful

Basically, the better & tougher your questions are, the stronger your beliefs have to be to hold up under the pressure.

For example, many people just believe ‘creating a masterpiece has to take a lot of time.’

But is that true? Does it really? Are there people who create fast? How do they do it? What beliefs do they have? Can I create as fast as them? Is it possible to have quantity *and* quality? How do people like Jay Z create platinum-selling, masterpiece rap songs in a single take?

You see, a weak-ass belief like “waahhh creation takes long”, crumbles under questions like this, but a strong belief like “creation is easy when inspired”, doesn’t.

A lot of the time, the simplest tools in life are the most powerful, as well as the trickiest to master.

So, let’s explore a few ‘above average’ questions that leaders can use to challenge their own beliefs. 🙂

What would a version of me with ______ look & feel like?

If you’re not envisioning yourself with new skills, traits, and assets, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Who is the best person on the planet to learn ______ from?

I’ve seen many empire-builders attempt something new, while learning from mediocrity.

What's a fun way to achieve ______ & ______ at the same time?

So many leaders sacrifice quantity, quality, or both… unnecessarily.

What's an easy way to make ______ more efficient?

Since empires are so big, they need efficiency as a foundation in all branches, but it’s rarely done.

Is ______ really true?

Sadly, this question is far too rare in leaders today.

But those are just the tip of the iceberg.

You should be asking better questions and challenging your beliefs on content creation, wealth, leadership, branding, and much more.

In our Soar Business Accelerator we’ll dive deep and make absolutely sure you have the beliefs necessary to bring your empire to life.

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Do you want to unlock all these secrets?

Do you want to accelerate your empire?

Do you want the purest, wisest advisor on the planet?

"Since working w/ J-Ryze I feel as though I’ve accomplished more in 2 months than I have in 5 years! Sold a business, started an empire, setup major collabs, int'l speaking gigs... 99.8% of the time the right thing to do is have conversation with Jay."
Mike Lamothe Soaring Beliefs Testimonial
Mike Lamothe
Trading Coach
"Meeting J changed my entire life. Within two weeks of our first convo, I'd quit all of the medication I was taking went cold-turkey. His words resonated with me so much that it inspired me to make massive changes right away. I threw the drugs out and I haven't looked back. I've improved my body, my face, my health, my looks, my attitude, my art and I found my purpose. I found my muse. I'm forever grateful to J."
Cynthia Moreno
Cynthia Moreno
"Every important business decision…I run through J-Ryze as a sounding board…a force for good…great conversations…a big shot of adrenaline… creativity & wisdom."
Evan Carmichael
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